Three Essentials for Great Website Design

For a great website design, consider these three essential parts to ensure that your website is effective.

It is almost unheard of for any business to not have an online presence these days. To have a website means that your business can serve its customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It means that you could be making money through your online store while you are asleep in your bed. Most importantly, having an online web space means that your customers can contact you or interact at their convenience. Here are three tips for making your website design "customer friendly".


There are a couple of different ways to use contact information on your website. You can include all your details in the header, your business name and address, your telephone number, your email address, along with your opening hours. A second way is to have a contact page, normally linked to from your header, with all of the above information. One of the best things about a contact page is that you can add a contact form. This is an easy to use way for your customers to contact you.


Some of the most important information you can provide for your customers is information about you, about your business, and about the people who are working day to day in that business. The information you present here is up to you. You can have a company profile and/or staff profiles. You can tell the story of your business, how it came about, and all about the philosophy or direction of the business. It's a place for you to publish some testimonials or to highlight how your customers can find you on social media.


Your website is a means to an end. It's all well and good having a place where your customers can find out more information about who you are or a portal for contacting you, but ultimately you want your visitors to do something once they arrive. Every visitor should be given clear instructions about how to proceed in order to get what they came to the site for, this is your call to action. Whether it is clicking a button to buy or simply making their first contact, make sure that your call to action is very strong and very obvious. Make it stand out.

We are all in business to make money. It is the customer who is at the very top of the chain. Without the customer, there is no business, and without the business there is no money. Your website design should be set up with pleasing your customer at the top of your list of priorities. For details on how we can help you, have a look at our website design page or give us a call.

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