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Mobile Friendly Websites

We can make your website look good on smart-phones and mobile devices and offer the functionality to suit Android phones, Apple iPhones and other mobile devices. Having a good mobile friendly website makes a difference on the Internet to ensure that your visitors have a positive experience finding and using your website.

There are a few ways to set up a mobile friendly website as outlined below:

Separate Mobile Friendly Website (Not Recommended)

One method is to set up a separate mobile website and direct mobile visitors to view the mobile website, while the other visitors view the main website. This method has two main downsides. The first is that you have two websites to maintain. The second downside is that because you have two separate websites, Google does not like the fact that you have the same content on two different websites and may penalise you for it by ranking you lower on search results.

Responsive Website (A Better Solution)

Another method is to have a "responsive" website. This is a website that will automatically adjust elements on your pages to suit the device that you are using. This is better than having two separate websites as described above, but it can also have its own issues. Sometimes, when viewing the website on a mobile phone, the website can appear "squashed" because the browser is deciding how to condense your desktop website onto a mobile phone. You can also end up with a mobile experience on a desktop computer.

Hybrid Mobile Website Solution (Recommended Solution)

To get the best solution, we use a combination of both of the previous methods to deliver a tailored website for desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones. This means that you have a single website that works well with search engines and also has a better experience for the visitor because the website is designed specifically for the type of device that is being used at the time. Desktop computer users get a desktop experience while at the same time mobile phone users get a mobile phone experience of your website.

Another advantage of this method is that we can tailor the content to suit the device that is being used. Phone numbers can be clickable on mobile devices for instant calling and a map on the mobile website can link to the viewer's map application on their device so that they can get directions. Likewise, more information can be added to the desktop website and laid out in such a way to make it easier to read on a larger screen.

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