Different Uses for Web Applications

There are many different uses for web applications. It really comes down to your imagination and what you are wanting to achieve.

Below are some examples of different uses for web apps and how these may apply to business. These are not the only uses and even within the examples below, there can be changes or custom differences. You can also combine multiple uses together into one big web application. It's really up to you and what you need.

Custom CMS (Content Management System)

Some businesses need to have a CMS that is tailored to their business when a stock standard generic system is just not sufficient.

For example, a custom blog could accept blog articles from several authors that then go through several stages before being published. Each stage may be handled by someone different and when they have completed the work for their stage, the article progresses to the next stage until it is approved and then ready for publishing. The custom system may even delay publishing until a specific date and time.


Custom CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Do you need a CRM that is tailored to your specific business. Stop trying to use an off-the-shelf system and try and change things that cannot easily change. Don't use an old "Fax number" field to substitute for for a "Business Number" field.

Just get the system that you want or need built to your exact specifications. Not only will this be easier for your staff to understand and use, but future growth will also be possible and much simpler.


Web Portal (Client Portal / Staff Portal)

Allow your customers to log into your portal system to access certain information and/or specific functions. It would be a secure way to communicate, upload and download files, start complex orders, view the status of orders, etc. If you can think of it, we can probably implement it into a web application.

Similarly you can have a portal for your staff to access and communicate, collaborate, etc. Or combine both together.


Management of Business Processes

If your business does a lot of repetitive things, a system to manage your business processes will be advantageous.

Just like a manufacturing production line with different stages, a web app can manage your projects through each of its stages and allow you to monitor and control what happens at each stage. Your staff can see what they need to be working on and can then complete their part of the project before moving it along to the next stage. You will know exactly where each project is up to with live reporting.


Web App Games

A game could be created with a web application. This is especially useful for games that are played over long periods with breaks in between as the web application will allow a user to log in to the game to continue where they left off last time. Many companies have utilised games in their marketing strategies. Loyalty rewards, brand awareness and even training can be achieved through games.

Having a web application as a game to practice trading on the stock market would mean that there are no negative consequences in real life.


You may not want to create a whole web application just as a game, but you could add some game elements into a web application. For example, adding some game element for customers to get points that they could spend on your products could be a good way to entice more spending. Or achieving points and sticker-looking rewards for staff members could be a great way to improve productivity.

Your organisation may have different needs and the above are just some examples of what is possible.

Let us show you what we can do for your business...

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