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Setup guide for Digital Dreams customers to configure email software programs to send and receive email.


Below are the general settings to configure your email software program. (Substitute your own domain name where you see mentioned.)

Incoming Mail Server (POP3/IMAP):

Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):

Email Username:

Your Email Address

Incoming Server Port:

110   (POP3 without SSL)
995   (POP3 with SSL)
143   (IMAP without SSL)
993   (IMAP with SSL)

Outgoing Server Port:

587   (SMTP without SSL)
465   (SMTP with SSL)

Outgoing Server Authentication:

Yes - Requires Password



POP3 (Post Office Protocol version 3) is a method of retrieving emails from a mail server. Emails are stored on the mail server until they are downloaded to your computer or device using an email software program or email client. Once the emails have been downloaded, they are removed from the mail server. This is the best option for most people. Some email programs do let you keep recent emails on the mail server which is handy if you want to view those emails using a mobile device after you have downloaded them to your computer.

IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) is a more advanced method of accessing emails on a mail server. Using this method, you are able to keep your emails stored on the server and you simply view them from your email software program. This means that you can synchronise all your emails between multiple computers or devices. You do need to manage your emails carefully and regularly do a clean up or archive old emails to ensure that your email account does not go over any disk quota that you have.

If you only have one computer or device, or if you are not sure which method to use, then choose POP3, as this will be the easiest to maintain.


SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a security protocol to encrypt certain communications via the internet. Your communication to and from our mail servers can be encrypted using SSL. This only secures your connection to our mail servers though. If an email is sent from, or received by an unsecured mail server, then your email is not secure. It is also not secure if it travels over an unsecured part of the internet. Using SSL is a good way to increase security, however it is not a guarantee that your emails are secure.


If you are using SSL with your email client software, then you may be presented with an SSL certificate warning. This is because you are using a shared certificate that belongs to Digital Dreams. To get your own certificate has an additional cost and is not necessary when using it just for email. The shared certificate is as secure as having your own dedicated SSL certificate. You can safely accept the certificate (or add an exception) in the warning that comes up when setting up your email.


If you are away from your computer and want to check your email remotely, you can do so by using the webmail service. This is available by visiting your website and adding "/webmail" to the end of the address. (eg.

Please be careful when logging in and ensure that you trust the computer that you are using. Do not log in to your email from a public computer such as at an internet cafe or library as they may contain malware or malicious software.



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