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Website promotion is equally important if not more important than website design and the way your website looks. Promoting your website can be time consuming, but if promoted the right way, the rewards will be worth it. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one method to improve traffic to your website, but there are many more methods other than SEO to bring more visitors in. Below you will find a number of methods and techniques to drive more traffic to your company website.


  • Promote your web address and contact details in the signature of all the emails that you send.
  • If you participate in online forums as an expert you will be able to "quietly" promote your business in your signature.
  • Exchange links with other websites. Ensure that the pages you are linking to or from are relevant and that they are not in competition with you.
  • Link your website to your Facebook page and vice-versa. This will allow the Facebook community to visit your website.
  • Email Marketing is a great way to promote your website and products. Set up a mailing list and link this to your website so that visitors can sign up to your newsletter. Make sure though that you do not send spam.


  • Check to ensure that your website is listed on all the major search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • There are also other search engines that are not as well known, but getting listed on these can still bring traffic for your website. Some of these search engines include DuckDuckGo, WebCrawler, Infospace, Dog Pile, Lycos, and many more.
  • Have your website optimised for search engines with SEO. This will help you to get better search results and rankings for your keywords.


  • Get your web designer to add a "Recommend This Website" button on your website. Then when a person visits your website and knows a friend who may appreciate it, this feature will e-mail the webpage link to their friend as a recommendation.
  • Have your website designer add a "Site Map" page to your website. This will help not only help search engines to find all your web pages, but visitors to your site will also find this useful if they get lost or need to find something quickly.
  • If you have some web pages on your website that you regularly update, it helps to mention on the page that it is regularly updated. This will inform people to check back often.


  • All your printed literature should have your website address on it. This includes brochures, business cards, magnets, newsletters, letterheads, compliment slips, etc.
  • Ensure that your web address is included on all your traditional advertising including phone books, magazines, newspapers, radio, television, etc.
  • Give away or sell promotional items with your web address on them. These promotional items can include pens, magnets, coffee mugs, balloons, mobile phone cases, keyrings, calendars, stickers, t-shirts, etc.
  • You should include your website address on your answering machine, or on-hold message. Doing so will let people know that they can find information, buy products or enquire about services even when your business is closed or you are unavailable.
  • When your company website is launched, updated, or you have something new to announce, write a "Press Release" and send this to the media, your clients, your friends and your associates.
  • Signage for your car will help your website address get you seen while you're out and about. You should add your company website address to all your company vehicles.
  • Company uniforms should include your company website address. This makes every staff member a walking advertisement of your website.
  • Mail a postcard that includes your website address to your database of customers and prospects.


  • All of your staff should know your website address. Sales staff can refer potential customers to the website for more information.
  • When clients contact you for information about your products or services, directing them to your company website can be beneficial for them as well as for you. This way they can have the information immediately and you can save on printing and postage costs.
  • Promoting a special offer that is only available on your website is a great way to attract visitors.
  • Local networking groups can help to bring people to your company website.
  • When your business is closed, hang up a sign to let people know that they can still visit your website. Hair salons, restaurants and doctors' offices are ideal to incorporate this method. Any business that requires bookings or appointments can regularly get extra bookings or appointments via their website or email that they normally would have missed.
  • If you find yourself in a restaurant or hotel that has a guestbook on the counter, you should sign it, and don't forget to leave your website address. These guestbooks are left in receptions all year round and some people tend to browse through them while waiting.

These are just some of the techniques you can use to promote your website and get more visitors to view your website. There are many more techniques you can implement. Speak to one of our friendly team to work out some more strategies to drive more traffic to your website.


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