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The first step to getting your business online is to register your domain name (or web address.) Every website on the internet has a domain name, or website address. Your domain name will uniquely identify your business on the internet for your website and email. It is what people will type into the address bar of their web browser to get to your website and it will also form part of your email address or addresses.


Choosing the right domain extension for your internet address is very important. Below are some of the common domain extensions that may be available: .info
.com .net .org .mobi .cc and more...

The domain extension will play a part in search engines and where your business will rank in search results. You may also want to condsider registering multiple extensions for different purposes or to protect your company name or brand.

Biz Domain Extension


To register your domain name, please contact Digital Dreams as the process is slighly different for each domain extension. You will need to provide some of your company or business details in order to register your domain name. Once registration has been completed, we will confirm the details with you. If you are planning on using your domain name for advertising such as your business cards, brochures, advertisements, etc, please wait until you have received confirmation from us before getting anything printed.


If you already have your domain name registered through another company, we can organise to have it transferred so that we manage it for you. This way you will only have to contact us whenever you have a query. It will also mean that we can handle the management of DNS and nameservers without you having to deal with this.

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We have found the staff at Digital Dreams easy to work with, any request to make changes to the site is met with prompt and knowlegeable service. I would highly reccommend them to anyone looking for website design, hosting and ongoing service.

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