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Not everyone speaks and reads English, so if you need your website or parts of your website in another language, then we have the translation services and web design services available to implement this. French language websites, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish and even Japanese language websites are what we can provide you with to do business at an international level.


Digital Dreams can translate your website content from English into a number of different languages. This is handy if you are not able to translate the content yourself and you require a professional translation service.

DUTCH     (Nederlands)

De team van de website ontwerpers bij Digital Dreams kan een professionele website voor uw bedrijf creëren. Van kleine landing page websites tot grootschalige websites, wij hebben de ervaring om uw bedrijf op het internet te krijgen.

FRENCH     (Français)

Au Digital Dreams, nous allons créer un site web professionnel pour votre entreprise. De petits sites à grands sites Web, nous avons l'expérience pour obtenir votre entreprise sur Internet.

GERMAN     (Deutsch)

Das Team von Web-Designer bei Digital Dreams wird eine professionelle Website für Ihr Unternehmen zu erstellen. Von kleinen Websites zu großen Websites, haben wir die Erfahrung, um Ihr Unternehmen im Internet zu bekommen.

ITALIAN     (Italiano)

Il team di web designer di Digital Dreams creerà un sito web professionale per il vostro business. Sia che si tratti di una semplice landing page sia che abbiate necessità di un sito di grandi dimensioni, grazie alla nostra esperienza, la vostra azienda otterrà la visibilità che merita sul web.

JAPANESE     (日本語)



There are many other languages that we can use on your website including Afrikaans, Danish, Finnish, Greek, Polish, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, and many more.


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